Who is Cokreeate?

What was started as a 3D printing hobby, had turned into a small family business in 2013. Cokreeate was established to provide an all in one 3D scanning, 3D designing, and 3D printing service. Just like any other small and upstarting business, we started working from home, and to getting our own retail and studio space located in the downtown area of Alhambra, CA on 2014. We expanded and created an awesome team of talents to build Cokreeate. Our team's passion and love for 3D modeling and 3D printing are what gives us our motivation to keep Cokreeate at your service. 


We have been servicing various customers from local consumers, students, business owners, cosplayers, hobbyists, and even celebrities. Cokreeate has been known for creating 3D printed miniature portrait figurines and 3D printed photo extrusions. We at Cokreeate do not just focus on one area of 3D printing portrait figurines. We offer our 3D Scanning and 3D printing services for any purpose whether it is for personal, school and work projects, and much more. As time progressed, our knowledge of 3D printing developed and have challenged our abilities to create more than what 3D printing can reach. Now let's see what we can attain to build a 3D printing world!


Make sure to shop online and Alhambra store for we have great varieties and inventories of 3D scanner, 3D printers, 3D printing materials, and other 3D printed goodies.