3D Scanning

We can photo-geometrically capture objects to create 3D models! Our portable hand-held 3D scanner captures images with the highest accuracy, resolution, and performance to produce well and defined 3D model quality and texture.  

Objects from medium to large scales can be captured as multiple image framing are processed to create a 3D model. Ideal to scan objects such as medium sized toys, car parts or framing, statues, and even people! *Objects that are too reflective or shiny may be subjected to scanning.

Files can be exported to .STL, OBJ, PLY, WRL, and VRML

We can process and clean up the file, or you can receive it as a raw scan data. 

                                          Purchase your file or get it printed!




Cokreeate offers 3D scanning services for your needs with:

         3D Modeling                                             Animation & Film                                                      Digital Designing

         3D Printing                                               Business or school                                                     Personal

         Production                                                Prototyping                                                              Reverse Engineering

         Restoration                                              Costumes & Cosplay                                              and much more...

You can bring your item(s) down to our location, or we can come to you.

*Travel and other fees may apply.




*3D Printing service price varies and based on quote.

3D Printing

We offer our 3D printing service to bring your ideas, projects, and concepts to an actual physical object. If you have a 3D CAD file you want 3D printed, we have printers that can print in full color gypsum (sandstone) material, or lightweight durable plastic material. 

We can print files from .STL, .OBJ, .VRML, .PLY, & .WRML.

We know how important your file is to you. Cokreeate is available to privacy and confidential agreements.





Other Optional Materials and Post Production Materials:
Other Available Material Types: PLA, ABS

Special materials such as glow in the dark, stainless steel, wood, nylon, flex, etc.,                                               Availability & Pricing May Vary.

Available post production: Plating in gold, silver, bronze                                                                                                Prices May Vary


3D Digital Designing & Modeling

Create a 3D model with Cokreeate! Whether you need a 3D CAD file and 3D model to:

                                              3D print



Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineering

Props Making & Cosplay

Restoration of missing or old parts

Industrial and Commercial

Company/ School Projects


 and for any purpose or reason

we can help you design it!