Q. What is 3D image scanning and 3D printing?

A.3D image scanning collects data of an object by our 3D scanner. The scanner will take frame by frame images, then using the data to create the 3D digital model.

3D printing is the process of layering of material; creating a tangible object. Once a 3D digital file is created, the 3D model can be printed with a 3D printer. Process of 3D scanning and 3D printing may vary.

Q. Is the process of scanning harmful?

A.Our scanner produces the same flash you will see on your cell phones, cameras, and etc. These flashes occur frequently to capture data. If you have any signs of photosensitive epilepsy, we have other solutions to avoid scanning.

Q. How long does the process of scanning to printing take?

A. The process from scan to print usually take anywhere from 2-4weeks.

The scanning process can take from 3 minutes minimum, and depending on the subject, it may take longer until the scan is complete.

Q. What is the figurine and the 3D photo extrusion made of?

A. The full colored figurines are printed with our multi-color 3D printer using high quality graded gypsum (sandstone) powder. However, the technology is comparably new and still has a few limitations to overcome in the future. Think of the sculpture as an original painting that you want to treat carefully. Thin parts of the structure, like fingers or ears, can break if they fall. Heat over 60°C, water, strong humidity, and direct sunlight can harm the surface. Colors could fade under these circumstances. However, the surface has been treated with a special coating to make the figurine structurally healthy for a long time. The figurine is a custom made and it is something that can last for many years even life time.

Q. How well will the figurine look like me?

A.  Depending on the size. The larger the figurine will display more details as a smaller figurine will decrease in detail. All figurines’ quality varies, and may appear inaccurate due to printing technicality.

Q. How long does the figurine last?

A. It can last a life time with proper care and handle. It is not recommended to be used as a toy. Figurines are very fragile and can easily break. Proper care and handling are reinforced. Please DO NOT wash with any form of liquid including water. Use soft tip brush and gently clean dirt and dust. It is advisable to keep figurine in a container such as a display box and in a dry clean safe place.

Q. Can I reprint my file in the future?

A. Your file will be available for up to 6 months in our system. Although, your file is available for purchase either individually or with a package. Prices will vary.

Q. Can 2 or more people get scanned together at the same time?

A. Yes. Although, the scanning process may take longer.

Q. Can I Cancel or change my order?

A. All products are made to order and therefore may not be cancelled or changed once a placed order has been done. If you decide to cancel or make a change to your order, there will be a processing fee of $35 that will be applied. All products and merchandise are non-refundable.

Q. What is your return policy?

A. All products and merchandise are non-refundable. But if you feel you are not satisfied with your order, please contact our Customer Service and they will gladly assist you. Since all products and merchandise are made to order, a minimal processing fee will be applied for cancellations and replacements. All orders require a 50% non-refundable deposit.