PRICING for 3D Printed Figurine Sandstone Material
Size Price
4 Inch

5 Inch

6 Inch

8 Inch

10 Inch

12 Inch & up

Additional person in one scan (scanned together) 

Additional person(s) as per scanned separately (group discount available)

Add-ons and special customization 

Reprints of same order are available at discounted rate






Based on quote

Price: Starting at $75 per person

Contact us for pricing

Price: Starting at $25


Other Optional Materials and Post Production Materials:
Other Available Material Types: PLA, ABS

Special materials such as glow in the dark, stainless steel, wood, nylon, flex, etc.,                                               Availability & Pricing May Vary.

Available post production: Plating in gold, silver, bronze                                                                                                Prices May Vary


Our Process

Interested in creating a 3D printed miniature portrait figurine? Are you curious about how it is made? Let us take you on a step-by-step process to learn about how we create our one of a kind custom figurines.








Choose a comfortable and desired pose. Pose has to be kept still for about a minimum of 3 minutes or until the scanning process is complete. We will be circulating around the subject using our hand-held 3D scanner to take frame by frame images to create the 3D model. The 3D scanner acts as a camera with lights flashing as it takes the images. Once the scanning is complete, we will proceed to digital post-processing. 

*Please let us know ahead of time if person(s) have any sensitivity with bright flashes or medical condition such as seizures. We can accommodate other options.  



The completed scans and data will be processed and digitally finalized. Colors and textures will be corrected and processed. Please allow up to 3 weeks to be completed because we like to take our time and effort to perfect the 3D model. We can also digitally edit, manipulate, and add custom designs to the 3D model. Add-on accessories and special requests, can be digitally added during the digital process. 



Final digital process and quality assurance will be performed to be ready for 3D printing. Once 3D data and file is complete, we will print it with our 3D printers. The printing process can be from a couple of hours, to even days. Time frame depends on quantities and size of figurines. When the printing is finished, we remove the prints from our 3D printer. In post production process, we bake, add a touch of love, then infiltrate the figurine for about 2-3 days. Final products are thoroughly inspected and reviewed by us to meet customer satisfaction.

*Product completion and turn-around orders varies on size of figurines, and quantity of orders. Orders for reprints often have a faster turn-around time due to primary file on record. 

Quick Tips:
When getting ready for 3D scanning, we recommend to follow our tips to get the greatest scan quality and for the scanning process to be a fast and quick process.
  • Please make sure NOT to wear anything that is reflective, shinny, and see-through. Our 3D scanner processes like a camera with multiple flashes. As it flashes, the light will bounce off the reflective material causing the scans to process improperly.
  • Be prepared to hold a comfortable pose for about 3 minutes, or until full scan is complete. We suggest to choose a pose that will signify your characteristics. Can't hold that certain pose? Not a problem because we can digitally alter your body parts to make it to that pose you want.
  • Our 3D scanner is harmless and it does not project any laser lights. It does have multiple LED lights that will constant flash as scanning process is being done. We suggest to let us know if you have any medical conditions or sensitivity with flashing lights. We have other alternative scanning options.
  • Please be prepared and have all your accessories and outfit ready for scanning. And if you don't have the accessories or props with you, we can digitally add it on for a minimal fee. 
  • Have fun and be comfortable! We hope for you to have a wonderful experience and visit with us!

Ready to create your 3D printed figurine?

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2D to 3D Photo Extrusions

Our technologies allow us to transform any photo or piece of 2D art into a 3D print!

These are great as a surprise gift, souvenir, collectible, and even just an art piece for your home or office. 

Starting at $99

For estimation and quotes, please email us a JPEG of the image (s). We recommend image to be with clear quality and 300 dpi resolution.